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At Ponga, we believe that the future of digital storytelling should be fun, interactive, and privately shareable with family and friends.

Meet Ponga! An intuitive, easy-to-use interface, to create stories in photos that are fun and entertaining. You'll be able to add video, music clips, text, links, and more to any image you upload.

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Your photos and images have a lot to say!

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  • Connect with your photos within a secure web app platform.
  • Create, curate, and collaborate with your photos and images in realtime with links and text.
  • Grant access to your photos for more discovery and sharing with no cost email invitations.
  • Master your stories exactly the way you want for future generations.
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And assembly of items as might be used by Ponga members to put their family stories back into circulation.

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If you’re like most, you have photos and images on your phone, in the cloud, on your computer, or even vintage photos and old albums that are simply gathering dust.

If they stay hidden away, they might as well not exist.

When you take a picture, you're capturing a moment in time that will never be repeated. Try Ponga with the photos you care for and matter most so the stories behind them are never lost.

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Karen R. on Ponga as a platform for storytelling.
Kathy S. on stories told in snapshots & family treasures.
Lori W. unraveling stories by discovering who was there.
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Ponga connects you to the photos you care for and the people you love.

The way we treat our photos is important. They are a part of who we were and what made us unique, but oftentimes they sit forgotten waiting for someone to find them again.

Never regret not capturing the story.

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