How Ponga Frames Your Stories.

Members on the Magic of Ponga

Ponga Member, Cynde D-B on the magic that struck her in using Ponga.
”It was the magic that just caught me… it was the story of the necklace where you can go in and see another close-up of the necklace…“
“You're going to have memories flying back and forth across the globe. And then, that's where the fun begins…”
Ponga Member, Karen R on the memories flying around the globe — where the fun begins.
Ponga screenshot of Ponga picture created from a photograph of a treasured sweatshirt and the story retold by Ponga member Kathy S.
“It's a sweatshirt… that was made for my mother who's long gone and the it's the four kids who were closest to her. You can hear them jump the horses around the room. That's twin boys for ya, eh?”
“…and when I came to this one I realized that with the facial recognition Ponga knew who my grandfather wasTHIS is exactly what I need.”
Screenshot of Ponga in a Zoom conversation with Ponga member Lori W. talking about an old photo of her father.
A woman and her mother happily sharing recipes and the family stories they'd captured using

Ponga connects you to the photos you care for and the people you love.

The way we treat our photos is important. They are a part of who we were and what made us unique, but oftentimes they sit forgotten waiting for someone to find them again.

Never regret not capturing the story.

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