Old photos, documents, and films conjure memories in ways that words cannot. These stories bond families across generations with the humor and love of a shared experience.  

Don’t let those shared experiences and rich memories fade away.

Show me how

Capture those great stories and anecdotes behind the pictures!

Give her the mic. She's got a story—and it's a doozy!

Storytelling gets more colorful when it's captured with the inflections and accents of the spoken word. With Ponga, stories, comments, and replies can be recorded on the spot.

Ponga's organization helps dig out the most interesting stories. Add the details you know, then invite siblings, cousins, and kids into the private space where they can reminisce and add their own versions of the story too. 

How it works

Ponga is all about capturing, preserving, and sharing stories. Family stories can be sensitive and should be protected and secured with rock-solid privacy. 

Keep it Private

Invite family and friends to contribute as your private guests. 

Join as a member and invite contributors as your guests.

Our simple business model and approach to pricing mean it's all about you. You are our customers. You can invite friends and family to contribute to your pictures for free. They're your guests. 

Your pictures and all of the added content are private and yours, not ours. 

Pay us a fee each month, or we'll offer you more than a 20% discount to pay us for the year.

Can I see it first?

Note: Ponga currently requires a desktop or laptop computer, not a mobile device

Organizing is the first step. Turn a hot mess into orderly albums.

With Ponga, put a name to a face and it’s identified everywhere. 

Recognize Granny once, and we’ll associate her name with every picture of her… even pictures of her as a child. 

Name a few more and your pictures sort themselves into albums like magic.

Magically Organize

Pictures that tell stories louder than words.

Ask for an invite

Use pictures to share family stories before they fade away.

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