Capture the stories in the voices of those who were there.

Old photos, documents, and films conjure tales in ways that words cannot. 

These stories bond families across generations and geographies with the humor and love of a shared experience.  

Privately share your stories and watch them weave connection.

In private, good stories become great. 

Siblings, cousins, and kids feel free to add their own versions with colorful details. 

Pictures are shared as a link, and your privacy is authenticated with passwords. There's no re-sharing.

Family pictures tell a thousand tales, they should be told in the voices of those who lived them.

Sharing family stories can be sensitive. Details can make you a target for identity thieves or worse. Ponga creates a safe protected space for storytelling, secured with rock-solid privacy. 

Keep it Private

Keep your stories private even as they're shared.

Note: Ponga currently requires a desktop or laptop computer, not a mobile device.

Get these features unique to Ponga and designed to share stories.

Priced for the privacy of our members and their guests.

Upload as many pictures as you like, of any resolution (PNG, JPG, or TIF files).

Let Ponga organize your pictures for you by the people in your pictures.

Zoom into images to explore the details and tell stories with text, recordings, and embedded media.

Share the pictures as private links you control, safe from the prying eyes of social media.

Our pricing is about our members. We don't advertise to you, we don't sell your data. Our policy is clear.

Members pay us a monthly or annual fee for the service and there are no storage fees.

Members can privately share pictures with as many guests as they'd like.

Guests create their own authenticated accounts for free and contribute stories to the pictures they've been invited to.

To organize, just add names to faces

Ponga examines each picture to find faces, then sorts them by people.

You review them in the Gallery and add names to faces.  

Names appear on labels applied everywhere each face appears. 

Add a few more and you've instantly created an album for every person and sorted every picture.

Your Stories, Shared Privately in Pictures

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Organize your pictures quickly and easily, then have fun using them to privately share stories with family and friends. 

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What Ponga members are saying:

Ryan turned to Ponga to organize his collection because he wanted to curate stories in his grandpa's life. Ponga's handling of high-resolution images and media ensures that his artifacts are protected.

Victoria saw Ponga as a new way to tell the stories she'd discovered in researching her family as they moved from Northwest England to Canada. Using Ponga, she now crowdsources the stories from her family around the world without leaving her new home in Australia.

See Ryan featured in our PongaStories preview

See Victoria's posts on and and ask for an invite to explore to one of her pictures.

You'd save precious photos from a fire. What about the stories?

Family stories of heroism and self- sacrifice are precious because they....

... reconnect with family across geographies, generations, and communities.

Turn static scrapbooks, photo books, and albums into engaging, & interactive stories.

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As a member you can unlock memories in your own photos an invite family as your guests.

Your stories, shared privately in pictures

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