Keep Artifacts and Treasures Safe

When it comes to our most prized possessions, we want to make sure they are properly protected and preserved.

Whether you're looking to discover a story behind a piece of jewelry, an old land deed, a piece of art, or archive your loved one's memories, you can trust Ponga to give you the peace of mind you need.

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Family tree festooned with treasures and artifacts.

How It Works

  •  Photographing objects and artifacts not only helps document why they were important, it also preserves the stories so they can shed light on the people who owned, loved, or used them.
  •  Upload these images to capture and share not only family stories but also the references that give them context and value.
  •  From paperweights, pens, and medals, to important family heirlooms, antiques, or quilts. All need to be preserved. Simply take a photo of your item, upload it to Ponga, and add a description.
  •  Ponga creates digital record that you can access anytime or share privately. We don't create files, instead, we make each item it's own unique URL to share.
An antique lace dress and cameo passed down from the late 19th century.

Ponga In Action!

Without a digital record, future generations may never see or appreciate your collection. Take photos of your items for historical safekeeping and family record.
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Ponga In Action!

Imagine discovering a long lost relative or documenting a friendship through the years.

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Pictures tell the most amazing stories.