Uncovering Magic Moments

Sounds like you love looking through old photos and marveling at the details and stories they tell. Us too!

Everyone loves a good story and being able to share and invite more details to a photo is vital in preserving their memories.

Ponga lets you invite family or friends to add details privately and at no cost to your guest.

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How It Works

  •  As you come across something in a photo that you want to know more about be sure to ask relatives and friends.
  •  Simply click the share button on the picture or album in your library.
  •  Enter the family member’s email address in the share panel.
  •  Type a message, asking a question for example. You can even include a link to the specific selection in the picture.
  •  Hit the send button and sharing happens, privately.
  •  Your guest receives email message.
An assembly of both the original image and how it is shared from within ponga.com

Ponga In Action!

Whether you're trying to remember a specific event from your childhood or uncovering a piece of family history. Never miss a moment and have all the details captured in one place.

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Ponga In Action!

Imagine discovering a long lost relative or documenting a friendship through the years.

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Pictures tell the most amazing stories.