Discovering the Details in Your Photos

Join us on Monday, December 5, as we host, special guest, Lisa Lisson, author, genealogy researcher, and founder at AreYouMyCousin?

Lisa is well known in the genealogy world as an expert researcher and educator, particularly in areas of family and social history.

This free webinar is an excellent opportunity to learn more about how to apply these techniques in your own work, and how Ponga can help you preserve family history and memories for generations to come.

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Lisa Lisson is a published author and the genealogy researcher behind Are You My Cousin?, a website where she has helped genealogy researchers around the world learn how to search for and find their ancestors. In addition to an informative newsletter, she also hosts active communities on Facebook and YouTube.

Through her books, hundreds of genealogy blog posts, YouTube videos and online masterclasses, she shares research strategies and how-to tutorials to take the overwhelm out of genealogy research. Find her at  
Lisa Lisson's Photo ID book and workbook, "Identify your ancestor in that photograph," as available as a gift from webinar.
Webinar attendees will receive Identify Your Ancestor In That Photograph, Lisa Lisson's ebook and workbook set as our gift!
⮕ The $20 value ebook and workbook are your BONUS gifts just for participating in the webinar!
Lisa's ebook/workbook set will help you discover the social history behind your family photos, strategies presented and resources to help identify family members and answers to questions like:
  • Why is it important to identify the approximate age of a photograph?
  • How do I start identifying details in a photo and when and where to get help?
  • What are the steps to establish good habits to organize my photo content?
  • What about documents and notes and where do I store them?
  • And so much more!
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How Ponga Works for You
  • Takes the drudgery out of sorting through family pictures with a quick and easy way to put names to faces.
    With pictures sorted and labeled, you can focus on your iconic images and the stories that made them important.
    Creates an easy way to reach out to friends, cousins, and elders that's private and safe.
    Preserves precious memories and digitized artifacts in archival storage, safe in standard formats, data intact.