Storytelling Through Your Family Photos

Now available on-demand as we hspecial guest, Rhonda Lauritzen, a professional biographer, interviewer, and the founder of Evalogue Life.

Rhonda is well known in the storytelling and family history world as an expert in teaching us how to get to the real story through questions you would never think to ask!

This free webinar is an excellent opportunity to learn more about storytelling and your photos. We'll show you how Ponga can help you preserve family history and memories for generations to come.

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Profile image of Rhonda Lauritzen founder of and author of the coaching program for writers available as a complimentary gift with purchase of an annual Ponga subscription.
2023 Jumpstart
Rhonda has been telling stories since she was a young girl. She received a cassette recorder for Christmas when she was 10 years old and followed her six older brothers around constantly, asking questions. In 2007 her family history writing journey began with the story of her parents, which became her first book, Every Essential Element.

Today, Rhonda Lauritzen is a professional biographer with multiple published books, and an in-demand keynote speaker. She believes that when you tell your story, it changes the ending. As an author, she specializes in writing life stories, collecting oral history, and historical storytelling.

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Rhonda's e-course will answer questions such as:
  • What is the power of voice to evoke memories and inspire others?
  • Should you use a digital recorder, or app on your phone, or both?
  • What are best practices for doing interviews by Zoom/Teams/Google Meet?
  • Which microphones are worth the money?
  • And so much more!
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A grandfather surrounded by his grandchildren explores old family pictures and shares stories with them using his own voice.
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How Ponga Works for You
  • Takes the drudgery out of sorting through family pictures with a quick and easy way to put names to faces.
    With pictures sorted and labeled, you can focus on your iconic images and the stories that made them important.
    Creates an easy way to reach out to friends, cousins, and elders that's private and safe.
    Preserves precious memories and digitized artifacts in archival storage, safe in standard formats, data intact.