Frequently Asked Questions

An FAQ, just in case you have a few questions before you join us.
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How Ponga Works

How clear do my pictures have to be in order to detect and match faces to names?

For Ponga's facial organization features, much like human vision, sharpness and resolution do matter. The system matches faces best when the image files are large and clear. Ponga supports jpeg, png, and tiff formats. Ponga lets you upload pictures of ANY size… and that is a big advantage!

We recommend starting with a few pictures of people you know in a first batch, then add those group pictures with the same people plus others you don't know. It's a great way to discover connections between people through chronological ages. (More here.)

How are stories in Ponga different from photo captions?

Great question. To tell a story, Ponga doesn't limit you to words. You can include any kind of media accessible on the internet. Add words, record your voice, drag and drop in added pictures for context. Need a little video to set the stage? Paste in a link from YouTube. You can link in any kind of content from the web, most media like video and sound is embedded and immediately playable. (More here.)

What about my very large scanned image files with metadata?

Not a problem. Since Ponga gives you a super-fast way to zoom in and out of your images, you can feel comfortable adding those large images right into Ponga. When you share them you're sharing a link so no one has to download these large files in order to explore your pictures. Plus, you can rest assured that your original file, complete with curated metadata (such as EXIF data) is safe in our archives. (More here.)

Once I upload my pictures, can I delete them?

Yes. You can delete any picture you upload or album that you create. (More here.)


If my private picture is in a private album, can anyone else see it?

The short answer is no, not unless you have invited guests to view or contribute to the picture or the album. Only you decide whether it can be shared. All of your guests can see that you own it, but cannot share it. Remember, as a member all of your guest invitations are complimentary!
(More here.)

If I upload my pictures to Ponga, who can see them?

Only you, and the people you share the picture with as authenticated by their username/password. Your pictures are not posted into any feed anywhere. (More here.)

Can guests see each other's comments and stories?

Oh yes, this is the most fun! When a guest contributes to your pictures, their contributed comments, recordings, map links, and media can be viewed by all guests. Additionally, each member receives a family masterclass, where we show everyone how fun it can be to contribute and curate information for a photo. (More here)

How can I keep guests from "messing" with my stories?

When inviting guests, you can invite your guests to contribute to your pictures or just view them. You and your guests are notified via email as soon as comments are made on your pictures. As the owner of the picture, you can delete any contributions made by anyone else. You can also change the access options for any individual guest at any time. (More here)


How many people can I invite to my pictures?

As a member, you can invite as many guests as you like to any picture or album. All you need is your guests' email addresses. Your guests will receive an invitation and instructions via email. (More here)

Can my guests invite other guests?

No. If your guests want to invite others, have them reach out to you to suggest others. (More here.)

If you have ideas about how we can improve on this aspect, we'd love to hear it. Email us at or reach out to our Live Chat at left ⏎.

What if I upload more images than my monthly or annual budget allows?

It's pretty simple. Our uploads limits are purposely high to give members the ability to grow their photo projects. If the system warns that you hit an upload limit, please let us know. (More here)

What happens if I don't renew my membership?

If you stop paying for your Ponga membership and do not delete or close your account, you will retain access to your pictures and content, but they will no longer be shared. This sometimes happens with a lost wallet after credit cards are canceled. The good news is you can come back whenever you want. Once you renew your membership, your account will be reactivated. You will need to re-share your photos. (More here)

Ponga Policies

What are the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Usage Rules?

You'll find all of our policies here on our website. Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Usage Rules. We do our best to keep these up to date with the software. Note the date on each statement. If you have questions, email

Can Ponga use or sell my pictures?

No. As you'll see in our Ponga Terms of Service, you own your pictures and the content that you curate.

Can Ponga use or sell the faces in my pictures?

No. As you'll see in our Ponga Privacy Policy, the images of faces used in Ponga's detection function are protected as personally identifiable information and used exclusively to deliver to you under their membership subscription service.

What about ownership and copyright?

We take copyright seriously and have built the service to encourage conversations centered on pictures without compromising ownership. Read the Terms of Service and Usage Rules with regards to your ownership of your pictures. (More here.)

What happens if I want everything I've added to my pictures back?

The content will exist in the form of links, files, and reference coordinates which are difficult to read without Ponga. For more information and to request this service, please email

What happens if I want my original image files back?

We capture the file name to use as the default title of your pictures, then archive your originals in any supported format and of any size.  Since many people use the image metadata to store valuable information, we're careful to keep that data intact when archiving your originals. (More here.)

Pictures tell the most amazing stories.