Ponga gives families and friends a new way to connect and share their history.

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Each Photo has a story to tell.

Life without Ponga is like a photo album stuck in drawer! Whether it’s a picture of Great-grandma's wedding day, a family vacation from long ago, or a screenshot taken yesterday. Unless your photos are in place where you and loved ones can add context and share them, your family memories are at risk.  

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  • Experience your memories in a whole new way
  • Privately explore and share your memories with loved ones
  • For decades to come, watch events play out as they happened and listen to recorded voices share memories.
  • Curate and preserve the stories and moments that matter
  • Easily organize all of your pictures by the people photographed

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I like to login into my Ponga twice a week to add newly discovered details and URL links to important photos.

My father has dementia and I'm holding on to every detail he mentions to add to our family's photos on Ponga.

My Ponga Membership has helped me create a reunion album like no other. It will last forever for my entire family.


Join our growing community of photo enthusiasts, family historians, and craft hobbyists, as they create lasting memories through photos and treasures.

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Digital storytelling is an emerging art form that allows people to create and share multimedia stories online. Unlike traditional forms of narrative, digital stories often make use of interactive elements, such as videos, music, and links. This makes them more engaging and personal than traditional narratives.

At Ponga, we believe that the future of digital storytelling lies in its ability to connect people on a personal level. Our easy-to-use interface allows users to upload images and add video, music, text, links, maps, and more. This makes it easy to create and frame rich, multimedia stories that can be shared privately with loved ones.

If you’re interested in exploring the potential of digital storytelling, we invite you to come learn about the stories in your photos through our Meet Ponga webinar series with experts in their field:
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  • January 9: Finding Meaning in Simplified Photo Categories
  • Watch Now: Storytelling Through Your Family Photos

Pictures tell the most amazing stories.