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Special "Porch Swing" event for Ponga at RootsTech 2023, now available on demand.Watch Now

We had a Party 🎉

For us, RootsTech is like camp. We get to see all our friends, swap stories, and get creative.

It's just so inspiring for us to reconnect with our Ponga Community and learn more about how our Ponga members and their guests use the software with their photos and stories to reconnect with their families.

For the 2023 Rootstech event, we couldn't be there in the melting snow at the Salt Palace, but we had our virtual booth with chat and events.

Featuring Kathy Stone

Kathy's Corner

A signature image for Kathy's Corner a special program scheduled monthly to walk through the challenges of capturing family stories from pictures.

In a remarkable new program led by photo organization expert, Kathy Stone of Calgary Photo Solutions. Kathy will share her own journey of preserving and sharing the stories in her own photos, prints, and family heirlooms.

Join Kathy Stone on her journey of preserving and sharing stories through her personal collection of photos, prints, and family heirlooms.

With decades of experience as a professional trainer and photo organizer for the legendary families of the Canadian Rockies, Kathy Kathy can offer special insight to help you quickly overcome obstacles and "get to the good part."

Given the mountain of work that seems to overwhelm so many of us looking at family history projects, Kathy can be your "sherpa over mount inertia."

Ponga hosts a variety of programs and events for our community and the general public.

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For Everyone

  •   Inspiring the Younger Generation - A guide of fun ways for younger generations to engage in family history. Hybrid.
      Storytelling through Photos - An interactive gathering to share ideas and stories through photos on Ponga. Hybrid
     Discovering Details - A mini-lecture series that examines the details in a photo and how to select them using Ponga. Virtual.
     Conferences and Gatherings - Visit Ponga at Large to see where Ponga will be for both live and virtual industry events.

For Ponga Members & their Guests

  •   Kathy's Corner - a remarkable new monthly program led by photo organization expert, Kathy Stone, will be your "Sherpa over Mt. Inertia." Learn more and register here.
      New Member Welcome - Each month, members are invited to an online party to welcome you aboard. Pick a session here.
     Masterclass - Annual plan members are welcome to schedule a masterclass for their family. Get everyone in on the storytelling. Virtual. Pick a session here. (Requires annual membership.)
     Porch Swing - A periodic session for members to share and inspire one another. Hybrid. See recording. Join our update list to hear about upcoming events.
     Member Posts - Ponga members are always welcome to share ideas, insights, and techniques as a Member Blog post. See posts others have contributed and reach out directly if you'd like to add your own.
     Topical Social Media Shares - In our social media channels we're regularly celebrating the work of our members and other pieces we think might be interesting. Reach out directly to suggest material you think might interest the community.

Casual “Zoomin‘ Sessions” with Ponga members & guests

Member-Contributed Courses: Victoria MacGregor

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