Special Offer for Evalogue Jumpstart 2023

Moments can make a true story so compelling, right? Is it part of your family history storytelling?

Let us help!

Rhonda's wonderful Jumpstart program will guide you through a journey of discovery and inspiration. The moments you explore will ignite fascinating tales.

Ponga is all about those moments, captured in photos. The sheepish glances that reveal young love. The detailing on a Mustang that dates the photo.

We love these moments, but… let's be real. Handling family photos can be a chore. It's hard to get them scanned, sort through who's who, and ultimately discover and explore the stories!

At Ponga, we've built a better way to organize, discover and share the stories you find in old family photographs.
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Profile image of Rhonda Lauritzen founder of Evalogue.life and author of the coaching program for writers available as a complimentary gift with purchase of an annual Ponga subscription.

Private Tours just for Jumpstarters!

During the month of January, you and your Jumpstart colleagues are invited select one of several exclusive, small-group sessions for a private Ponga tour. We'll get you off to a great start using Ponga for free with our risk-free, 21-day trial of either our monthly and annual plans. Each group is limited to just 5 participants.

Just pick a session below and we'll walk everyone through the high points together:
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We're so inspired by Rhonda's approach to storytelling through moments that we're making a special offer to Jumpstart 2023 participants!

Special Offer!

As a Jumpstart program participant, we're offering you an incredible 36% discount on our annual membership. That's a value of $99 value just $69!
Special offer
Here's how Ponga can help with the stories you'll collect from your own family history:
  • Sorts and labels pictures by people so you can focus on your iconic images and the stories that made them important.
    Creates an easy way to connect with friends, cousins, and elders that's private and safe.
    Preserves precious memories and digitized artifacts in archival storage, safe in standard formats, data intact.
    Takes the drudgery out of organizing family pictures because it's quick and easy.