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At Ponga, Events Are Special!

Ponga hosts a variety of virtual and live events for both members, guests, and the public. From timely webinars, podcasts, to workshops to conferences on the topics of genealogy, family history, and the importance of preserving memories for generations to come.

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Here's what you can look forward too!

  •   New Member Welcome - Each month, members are invited to an online party to welcome you aboard. Pick a session here.
      Inspiring the Younger Generation - A guide of fun ways for younger generations to engage in family history. Hybrid.
      Storytelling through Photos - An interactive gathering to share ideas and stories through photos on Ponga. Hybrid
     Discovering Details - A mini-lecture series that examines the details in a photo and how to select them using Ponga. Virtual.
     Porch Swing - A periodic session for members to share and inspire one another. Hybrid. See recording.
     Masterclass - Each member on our annual plan is welcome to schedule a masterclass for their family. This is such a fun way to get everyone engaged in family history storytelling. Virtual. (Contact info@ponga.com for scheduling options.)
     Conferences and Gatherings - Be sure sure to visit Ponga at Large to see where Ponga will be for both live and virtual industry events.
Fireside Chat

Organized to Capture Stories: Photos as Triggers for Family Storytelling

A lively fireside chat with two genealogy experts, Tami Mize of Conferencekeeper.org and Lisa Lisson of AreYouMyCousin? Moderated by Cameron Crowe of Ponga.
Discussion centered on the sought-after questions of how to fuel family history and to inspire a new generation of storytellers.
Porch Swing

Ponga Members: A Place to Gather and Converse

Ponga's first porch swing gathering! An opportunity for Ponga members, guests, and those new to Ponga to sit down, pour a glass of lemonade, and join us for an open conversation sharing ideas, stories, product feedback, and building community.

Family History Free Webinar Series

Header for Ponga Family History webinar series
Ponga's co-founders will host each of these sessions — and they all include complimentary thank you gifts just for attending.

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