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Community Event

Kathy's Corner

At our RootsTech Porch Swing event we'll be announcing Kathy's Corner, a remarkable new program led by photo organization expert, Kathy Stone who will share her own journey of preserving and sharing the stories in her own photos, prints, and family heirlooms.

Let Kathy's experience, perspective and enthusiasm get you going on your own projects. The inaugural event is two weeks after RootsTech. Meetings should last about an hour, and will not be recorded.

Ponga at RootsTech 2023

Ponga event banner, an illustration showing a Ponga member engaged with software.
During RootsTech 2023 hosted a series of events you won't want to miss. Explore the links and add to your name to be sure you don't miss new events as they're announced!


Hands-on Learning Workshop

Put Details into Ponga Pictures

In this workshop, we'll explore the family history resources you can put into Ponga pictures together. Barbara Tien, one of Ponga's co-founders, will show you how to put recordings, photos, documents, videos, and more into your Ponga pictures.
• 3D illustrations? Sure. No problem.
• Powerpoint presentations? You bet!
• Playlists from the time? Great idea!
• Podcast snippets? No sweat.

This special Ponga workshop is free and open to everyone. Sign up for a free trial and use the workshop to get started with your own photos.

Expert Webinar Series

Family History Webinars

Storytelling Through Your Family Photos

Rhonda Lauritzen, Featured speaker at the Ponga Family History Webinar on photo storytelling: now available on demand.
Rhonda Lauritzen, well known in the storytelling and family history world as an expert in teaching us how to get to the real story walks you through questions you would never think to ask! This free webinar is an excellent opportunity to learn more about storytelling and your photos. We'll show you how Ponga can help you preserve family history and memories for generations to come.
Family History Webinars

Discovering the Details in Your Photos

Lisa Lisson, Featured speaker at the Ponga Family History Webinar on discovering the details in photos: now available on demand.
This family history webinar features Lisa Lisson, author, genealogy researcher, and founder at Are You My Cousin? as our very special guest.Follow along with a photo or two and discover details through social history strategies and resources to help identify family members and answer questions
Family History Webinars

Organized to Explore

Kathy Stone, Featured speaker at the Ponga Family History Webinar on photo organization: now available on demand.
Join special guest, Kathy Stone noted photo organizer in conversation with Ponga co-founder, Cameron Crowe.

Kathy Stone has spent decades as a photo organizer for legendary families of the Canadian Rockies as
Calgary Photo Solutions. In this last of our three very special FREE webinars, Kathy will draw on her experience to share insights you can apply to your own collection.
Family History Webinars

Ponga Product Demonstration

Barbara Tien and Cameron Crowe, Ponga co-founders sharing a product demonstration as part of the Ponga Family History Webinar on photo organization: now available on demand.
A live demo to show you how you can use your photos and Ponga to capture your family history and engage new generations in the stories that matter to you.

We're scheduling this demo in response to the enthusiastic interest of participants in our Family History Webinars over the last few months. This demo is a opportunity to explore the software with experts and have your questions answered.

RootsTech 2022

Fireside Chat

Organized to Capture Stories

A promotional tile highlighting Ponga's Fireside Chat during the RootsTech event in March 2022.
A lively fireside chat with two genealogy experts, Tami Mize of Conference Keeper and Lisa Lisson of AreYouMyCousin? about Photos as Triggers for Family Storytelling. Moderated by Cameron Crowe of Ponga. Discussion centered on the sought-after questions of how to fuel family history and to inspire a new generation of storytellers.
Porch Swing

Ponga Members: A Place to Gather and Converse

A promotion tile used to describe a lively conversation held during RootsTech 2022.
Ponga's first porch swing gathering! An opportunity for Ponga members, guests, and those new to Ponga to sit down, pour a glass of lemonade, and join us for an open conversation sharing ideas, stories, product feedback, and building community.

Othe Programs for Ponga Members & Their Guests

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  •   New Member Welcome - Each month, members are invited to an online party to welcome you aboard. Pick a session here.
     Family Masterclass - Annual plan members are welcome to schedule a masterclass for their family. Get everyone in on the storytelling. Virtual. Pick a session here. (Requires annual membership.)
     Porch Swing - A periodic session for members to share and inspire one another. Hybrid. See recording. Join our update list to hear about upcoming events.

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