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We don't advertise to you, we don't sell your data. Our policy is clear. Members subscribe through a monthly or annual fee for the service and there are no storage fees.

You own your pictures, no one has access to them unless you explicitly invite them as your guests. The images you add to Ponga are archived and protected. Your image metadata and Ponga picture content are archived in their native formats and preserved.

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"I love the ah-ha moment when something in multiple photos from different decades reveals a common thread... for me, it's my Dad's chair."
Ponga Member, Australia
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Privacy + Preservation Tips

Principles of privacy, applied to the way you use your photos

Storytelling in Photos

The stories you tell in the town square are very different from the ones you share at home on the sofa. Privacy is necessary in sharing authentic stories.

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Discover the Details

Recognizing historical and social clues can be as important as spotting familiar faces. Soon photos become key records in your family history.

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Organized to Explore

When your old family photos digital and in Ponga, sorting fun and magical. They're also easy to share, and become magnets for the stories that connect you as a family.

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Pictures tell the most amazing stories.