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"I love the ah-ha moment when something in multiple photos from different decades reveals a common thread... for me, it's my Dad's chair."
Ponga Member, Australia
Family gathering for a picnic around 1918 with Ponga elements visible in an animated picture.

Who is Ponga for?

Photo Story Tellers

Move hearts and minds through your images. In a world saturated with photos in piles and in files, it can be difficult for them to stand out and make an impact with family and friends. Ponga provides an easy way to create a library of people to connect the stories with the photos and share with those who are important in your world.

Treasure Collectors

For many people, heirloom items represent the history and heritage that they have passed down through generations - from a grandparent who served in World War II, an aunt collecting porcelain, or a cousin who collects action figures! Adding reference URLs to a Ponga image of the item further enhances the story behind it.

Family Historians

Family history is an important part of the past, and Ponga makes it easier than ever to keep your loved ones' stories alive. Ponga allows you to quickly search through a wealth of historical photos, images, voice recordings, and more that you upload making it easier than ever before to keep people organized throughout generations!

Photo Archivists

The ultimate photo album is now a reality. Ponga is a digital archiving and organizing system for your most important photos. It supports uploads without regard to size so you crowdsource or share the photos that create connections, and belonging - all while keeping the metadata intact and the stories and memories you add to them, safe!

Archival images from our personal collections at Ponga.com featuring little sisters growing up to be grown women.

Details Make the Story

Ponga is the perfect place to share and crowdsource your stories! Whether you're looking for details about a particular event or just want to share your own story, get started. Upload a few photos and have some fun exploring new ways of storytelling while sharing your memories with others.

Which photos will tell your family's story?

With a Ponga membership, you also get access to a complimentary ebook kit on how to discover the social history behind your family photos. This is a great way to learn more about your family and friends – and have some fun while doing it!

Come experience Ponga today – we know you won’t be disappointed.

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