A Private Place to Tell Your Stories

If you're a passionate storyteller, you know that your stories are never really finished.

We become quite giddy at all the ways you can create a story on Ponga. A story can be created in less than five minutes! From fun anecdotes, historical facts, or adding recordings of voice or music. Any url or web links will add even more to your existing stories.

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Elder woman sitting quietly at her desk happily working at her computer.

How It Works

  •  Once your photos are uploaded or if you want to take a new photo and upload, the first thing you'll do is select a place on the photo to begin adding to it.
  •  Maybe try a google search to see if that item has any documented history. If it does, you can either paraphrase in text on your selection or copy and paste the URL link to your selection.
  •  Next, you may want to add a familiar sound or a recording of a loved one to your photos.
  •  Now you've got your first story to share privately with family and friends.
Archival images from our personal collections at Ponga.com featuring little sisters growing up to be grown women.

See Ponga In Action!

Imagine capturing a story from an elderly loved one and taking their photo or a video of while they were telling that story. Then share privately with family!

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Ponga In Action!

Imagine discovering a long lost relative or documenting a friendship through the years.

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Pictures tell the most amazing stories.