Ponga at RootsTech 2023

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Ponga’s software creates a new way to ORGANIZE, DISCOVER, and TELL the STORIES behind your family photos, documents, and keepsakes — in PRIVATE.

Ponga representative actively engaged online answering questions during 2023 RootsTech conference.

Ponga at RootsTech 2023!


As a member, you can invite as many free guests as you like! Bring family in to explore and contribute to your Ponga pictures — in private.

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Looking for scanning resources?

See special price for new Ponga annual memberships for Larsen Digital customers placing scan orders until April 30th, OR check our map-based Scanning Resources page for resources near you!

Who is Ponga for?

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Photo Storytellers

Ponga is the perfect choice for storytellers who want to capture and preserve special moments they see in photos to share with their family and future generations.

Animation of a hot beverage sitting on a stack of books, steam rising.

Family Historians

Family historians who toil for decades researching photos, documents, and other treasures now have an archive that preserves them in context and in private.

Animation of a hot beverage sitting on a stack of books, steam rising.

Photo Archivists

In Ponga, archivists gain a private platform to not only preserve files and metadata, but also a visual way to add context from digital resources across the internet.

Animation of a hot beverage sitting on a stack of books, steam rising.

Heirloom Curators

Curators of family heirlooms now have a rich set of digital tools to help capture the love, history, and provenance that make their inherited treasures so special.

How It Works

  • Upload your pictures — Ponga starts organizing your photos by people’s faces.
  • A Gallery lets you put names to the faces you recognize — Ponga creates albums and labels.
  • Explore pictures and add background stories — Ponga selections let you use words, pictures, voices, documents and more to capture memories.
  • Invite siblings, cousins, parents, and children to contribute their own memories, connected and in context.

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Mother and daughter at the dining table exploring memories behind old family pictures.
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See it in Action

Video thumbnail image showing illustration of Ponga member sitting on her sofa happily using Ponga to explore her photographs.

Exploring the stories hidden in our family pictures gives us a better understanding of the lives of our loved ones and ancestors. Capturing them in an extensible, digital form creates a lasting legacy for future generations.

Watch our short video to see how Ponga can help you uncover the stories behind your own family photos, documents, and keepsakes.

When you're ready, try it yourself!

Features that make Ponga so different

Listen to our members — Testimonials

Ponga Member, Cynde D-B on the magic that struck her in using Ponga.
”It was the magic that just caught me… it was the story of the necklace where you can go in and see another close-up of the necklace…“
“You're going to have memories flying back and forth across the globe. And then, that's where the fun begins…”
Ponga Member, Karen R on the memories flying around the globe — where the fun begins.
Ponga screenshot of Ponga picture created from a photograph of a treasured sweatshirt and the story retold by Ponga member Kathy S.
“It's a sweatshirt… that was made for my mother who's long gone and the it's the four kids who were closest to her. You can hear them jump the horses around the room. That's twin boys for ya, eh?”
“…and when I came to this one I realized that with the facial recognition Ponga knew who my grandfather wasTHIS is exactly what I need.”
Screenshot of Ponga in a Zoom conversation with Ponga member Lori W. talking about an old photo of her father.

RootsTech is a great time to join our growing community

  •   Inspiring events - Learn tips, techniques and get inspired in an exciting series of events during the show.
      Ponga porch swing - The gathering spot for Ponga members to learn from each other and share insights
     1:1 consultations - Talk to Ponga co-founders to talk through your own projects
     Special offers - See our link for special pricing on Ponga available ONLY during the live RootsTech conference.
And assembly of items as might be used by Ponga members to put their family stories back into circulation.
You can now try Ponga for 21 days at no cost. And in just 5 minutes you can experience how awesome this platform really is.

And who knows? Maybe you'll discover a bit of magic in your own photos and treasures.

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