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We all have precious memories stored in photos, albums, and documents but they're at risk of being lost, deleted, or damaged. Keeping them in Ponga brings peace of mind.

We're not creating files, we're creating unique links for you to manage what matters most, your photos, your memories, and your stories. All to share privately if you want to.

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Elder gent sitting on a bench with his written pages open and photographs on the wall.

How It Works

  •  The context of an original physical photo or album whether through notations or physical placement might become lost.
  •  Try two-sided scanning or take a picture of the photo or the album page so you can pick up the detail.
  •  This maintains preservation and archive for all your important images, documents and history.
  •  Upload those images and begin making notes which in a sense moves that item from physical storage to secure online preservation for generations to come.
  •  Ponga keeps control over the privacy of your images where you're in charge of sharing links, not as files.
A photograph of an early 20th century scrapbook with family biographical details included along with newspaper clippings and mementos.

Ponga In Action!

Don't let your precious photos and documents waste away in boxes or on your computer. Store, access, and preserve them safely, forever.

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Ponga In Action!

Imagine discovering a long lost relative or documenting a friendship through the years.

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Pictures tell the most amazing stories.