Storytellers and the Photo Interview Series: Victoria MacGregor of Victoria's Press

We're thrilled to welcome Victoria MacGregor of to our Month interview series "Storytellers & the Photo." See also our two previous episodes with Betty Marton of, and Martie McNabb of Victoria discovered Ponga before we even made our first release at the Rootstech 2021 show. She jumped in with both feet because the service perfectly solved a problem she'd been looking for: A way to tell the stories she found while researching her ancestors. 

After a little experimenting with Ponga, she quickly started building what she calls "Storyboards" after the felt boards she played with as a child. It wasn't long before she was drawing on the photo books she'd published about her family to create albums that mirrored those books but were suddenly interactive. In the interview, she talks about using these books to engage with her extended family — many were cousins she hadn't spoken to in decades. 

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