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Lisa Lisson

Lisa started looking into genealogy by asking ‘Are you my cousin?’ at parties. Now she is helping people get more knowledgeable about genealogy since 2012.

As a genealogy researcher and creator of the Are You My Cousin? blog, Lisa Lisson takes the overwhelm out of genealogy research and keeps researchers moving forward finding their ancestors. Whether researching ancestors alongside clients or writing how-to articles and books, Lisa uses her 12 years of research experience to help others build a solid research plan, find the needed genealogy records, and get the most out of those resources.

When not working with clients or writing genealogy articles, Lisa can be found pursuing her passion for running, traveling with her husband or simply enjoying time with her two adult children.

Lisa is our special guest in our Family History Webinar focused on Photo Details. Learn more at Ponga Events.

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3 Great Benefits of Crowdsourcing Family Stories from Old Photos

3 Great Benefits of Crowdsourcing Family Stories from Old Photos

Crowdsourcing family stories hidden in old family photos creates connections with family. See how Ponga helps you bring the stories to life.

How does identifying the individual(s) in one photograph benefit my research? It’s more than curiosity. I want to be able to tell those individuals’ stories! I want to know the family stories contained within those old family photographs.

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