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February 24, 2021

Your own "Explore Features Here" picture

This picture is your playground! Ponga members and their guests all get this example picture in their accounts to use to explore features. Have fun!

In building Ponga, we knew that we needed a sample picture or two to get you started. We wanted something we could share with you directly to show you how you might use the individual features with some examples.

We should have anticipated a problem. Coming up with an authentic, personal story full of references and details and then sharing it with a large public audience is hard. It also runs counter to the core privacy goals of the software.

In our example picture, we wanted to include more detail than might be appropriate with photos from our personal collections. To solve the problem, we selected a picture of a collection of pictures, artifacts, and albums. It’s a little “meta,” but it gives us a way to talk about features without confusing our personal story with a software service designed for you.

A screenshot from a member's account in the {Example} album titled "Explore Features Here."

Take a moment to explore this picture. Notice, for example, that it's been added to your account as if you uploaded it yourself. In that sense, whether you're a paid member or the guest of a member, this picture is yours to do with as you please. It gives you a chance to add comments to see what they look like. You'll notice that it includes a variety of content types.

You may find the Getting Started section of our Help Center a useful place to search and find instructions for a variety of types of content that can be added to the Ponga picture. Have a story about mixtapes? Go ahead, click the mic button and tell the story. Is your mixtape on SoundCloud? Just find the link and paste it in. It’s fun!

Still have questions, just reach out at the chatbot, we're here to help. 👋

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