Treasured envelopes, folders, and boxes of old family photos have been passed down to you. 

These iconic pictures, worth saving from a fire, capture the most important stories and values your family wanted you to have.

Ponga can help you organize them so you can explore the stories they captured.

The Problem

Why It Matters

First-person memories can be fleeting. These treasured artifacts provide a tangible link to our history and our family stories. 

Candid snapshots or formal portraits, letters, or artifacts can be scanned and digitized. 

Once in Ponga, you've got the tools to privately share and crowdsource the stories behind them. 

If you don't already have a Ponga account, your email will walk you through setting one up.

This creates an authenticated account for you so that all pictures shared with you are kept private. 

As soon as your account is set up, we'll let Audie know and she'll shoot you an invitation to a special picture she's picked out.

Create Your Account

We recommend you use Ponga with a desktop or laptop computer and use the Chrome browser.

The picture "Explore Features Here" is included in every new account and is a great way to explore the kinds of media you can add to a Ponga picture. 

Move your mouse over each selection box and you'll see a preview of the content inside. 

This picture is like a little sandbox, where you can experiment with adding links, voice comments, text, or anything you like. 

Play with it and have a good time!

Explore the Example

Got Your Picture Invitation?


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This picture invite promise also appears on these pages that have to be updated: 

Ready to Explore?

Now that you've seen what Ponga can do, let us get you exploring on your own. 

Exploring Ponga as a guest is a great way to see how the software works. If you don't already have an account, we'll get you instructions to set that up too.

Just add your name and email! 👉

After you explore, you'll want to become a member to enjoy these benefits and more:

  • Upload 10,000+ Images of any size
  • Private Albums and Library
  • Intelligent Facial Organization Software
  • Share One or Many Photos
  • Unlimited Guest Accounts
  • Masterclasses and Guest Webinars
  • Newsletter and Member Stories

When you first open your Ponga account, you'll find an example and any pictures shared with you. Your pictures are sorted so that the most recently updated is on the top left. 

On your left is your list of albums. Right now there's just one called {Example}. Albums are sorted alphabetically and as you add your own, this example will sort at the bottom.

Tour the Library

If you've asked for an invitation, it can take a few minutes or hours for Audie to send it. (Apologies for the delay, she can get busy!)

The email is titled "Audie at Ponga has invited you to a Ponga pictureClick the View on Ponga button in the email (you may have to log in), and your picture is waiting for you. 

You can also just open your account. The email is just a notification.

Ask for an Invite

When you're ready upload your own pictures, just join as a member. Hit the Upload Pictures button, complete your purchase, and you're good to go. 

Members can upload as many of their own pictures as they like and share them with as many free guests as they like. 

Learn more in our Membership FAQ.

Ready? Join as a Member

When you follow the link from the email, you'll be taken directly to the picture.

Notice the woman looking directly into the camera. You'll see a sidebar open with not only her face named and the reference portrait, but also all kinds of detail. 

Now zoom in closer and explore that cameo on her dress. Think you've got details like that to share in your own pictures? 

Explore Our Picture


How it works:




We'll invite you to a nifty picture of our own that includes examples of 12 kinds of content that can be added to Ponga pictures.

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