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Adding a Face Label to Any Selection in a Ponga picture

Whether to add a name to a person whose back is to the camera, or to a name on a sign, you can add face labels to any selection in a picture

The face labels added by the Ponga Gallery can be a powerful way to kick start the storytelling in your family photos. Knowing who was there in a photograph gives you the context to consider other clues in the image. Pretty soon the story comes out into the open.

Sometimes, however, you recognize a person from clothing or other clues when Ponga has no access to examine their face. Perhaps their back was to the camera, or the photo itself is of too low a resolution to pick up their features.

Sometimes, you just might want to add a face label to their handwritten name.

We'll start with that example here. The key here is that Gallery-generated face labels are previews of links to the Ponga Face Details pages where you would change the spelling of a name or correct who it is associated with.

Although these links are private and inaccessible to the web or even to your guests, they are like other links in that they embed in Ponga pictures. All you have to do is find the link, then copy and paste it.

Here's how:

  1. Find your source link on one of your pictures with a Gallery-generated face label for the person you wish to name.
  2. Open the picture where you'd like to add the name.
  3. Make a selection, and paste the link. Hit space or return to give it a second to bring in the external preview image. When you see it appear, hit Post.
  4. Now, when you tap on the picture and move your mouse to hover over the selection, your face label will appear.

Remember, only the Gallery automatically sorts your pictures into albums. The picture you just added a label to will not automatically appear in this person's album. You'll need to manually drag and drop it into their album if you want the picture to appear there. To do that:

  1. Find the picture in the Library
  2. Click on it, hold your mouse down and drag the image to the target album, here Frances (Frankie) Barnes.

When you click on Frances' album, you'll see the picture is there.

Still have questions? No problem. We're right here for you. Hit us up in our Live Chat button at the bottom left. 👋

Last updated:
September 4, 2022
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