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Automatically adding names as new pictures are added to Ponga

Once you've named a person, Ponga's Gallery functions inspect every new picture added to see if that person face appears in new pictures so that people are auto-named on upload.

The real convenience of detecting and collecting the images of faces as they appear in your pictures comes as your collection of pictures expands. Ponga can automatically add the names of people you've previously named as they appear in subsequent batches of photos you upload.

Just as with the first batch of pictures you upload, on subsequent batches, Ponga examines each picture to detect faces, collecting the faces that appear, with a high degree of confidence, to be the same person.

Here's the difference between identifying someone in the first batch in which they appear and subsequent batches:

  • The first time a face appears, we'll collect all instances of that person's face across all pictures in a batch and present them in the Gallery to be named in the best reference portrait we can find.
  • If that same person's face appears in a subsequent batch, we'll compare it to other instances and automatically name them for you only if we have very high confidence that it's the same person.

Essentially, this means we're holding the subsequent batch identifications to a higher confidence standard. This is because Ponga is executing this naming automatically without your confirmation and we don't want to risk introducing errors.

Naming people and organizing your pictures gets easier and easier

It also means that as you name people adding and organizing pictures gets easier and easier.

  • They're automatically named as you add more pictures (depending on how clear a match it is, of course)
  • Entering their name gets easier since our type-ahead matches type sequences for you.

You'll know that faces in a picture were automatically named soon after your upload when comments are automatically added before you're even told the Gallery is ready for you. Pictures with the added comments will appear in the upper left corner of your gallery.  

Last updated:
September 4, 2022
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