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Can I add names later if I ignored them in the Gallery?

Yep, sometimes the gallery doesn't catch faces that you immediately recognize. No worries. There's a simple workaround.

If you ignored face in the gallery and that you later want to add there's a simple solution.

If you don't have any other pictures of this person, just make a selection and add a note:

  • Go to the picture where you find them
  • Make a selection around the person's face
  • Add a note with their name, "Robert Burns." If you're not exactly sure, here's a great place to include a note you can update again later. "I THINK this is Uncle Bob, but I'm not sure. I AM sure that's his son, but not sure who the woman is with him." for example.

If you've later added more pictures including that person, it's even easier.

  • Go to one of the selections Ponga made naming this person in the gallery.
  • Mouseover the person's portrait and right-click (or option-click) your mouse to copy the link location or URL (depending on your browser)
  • Make a selection around the face of the person you want to add the reference to
  • Paste and hit "Post." The link is embedded and the face and name are associated.

Note: You will need to manually add that person to the album of other pictures of that person. Currently, that won't happen automatically.

Last updated:
September 5, 2022
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