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Can I create a new version of a picture?

If you've already uploaded a picture and want to create a new version of it, not a problem. Go ahead and upload a fresh copy.

If you've already uploaded a picture and want to create a new version of it with an entirely different perspective, you can go ahead and do that. All you do is upload a fresh copy from an image file. Every Ponga picture is distinct. It's no problem at all to upload the same image file, or another file with the same name more than once to Ponga. The photograph will be the same, but you'll notice that the link, or URL, is distinct on each copy. You can put any number of copies of the same image in the same album.

A couple of examples:


Alice, Betty, and Charlotte are triplets, all remembering that Christmas in 1978. There's a wonderful photograph of the living room on Christmas Eve. Three copies of the same image file could create three entirely different Ponga pictures, telling the same story about that evening from three different perspectives. They can then share the pictures to compare stories on what they saw.

Drafts for feedback

Dave had the opportunity to be in Washington, DC for the Obama first inauguration in January 2009. He wanted to use some of the pictures he took that day to share what the moment meant to him. He used a first copy of pictures to collect stories. Once he heard what everyone had to say, he created a second copy to craft the stories in his own voice for the larger narrative he was looking for.

How will you use these features? Feel free to reach out on the chat window to share your perspective with us.

Last updated:
September 5, 2022
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