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Can I embed a Ponga picture in my blog?

No, because all pictures are private. However, you CAN invite your readers to view or contribute to a picture, all you need is their email.

While Ponga includes sophisticated embedding functions that allow you to embed videos, documents, and other content in Ponga pictures, you cannot embed Ponga pictures on websites, blogs, and other materials. The reason is simple. In order to support embedding, the content has to be publicly accessible. Ponga pictures are private.

If have a blog or website as part of a consulting business, however, you might consider using Ponga pictures to engage your readers so that you can get to know them. Side benefits:

  • Your readers get special access to your knowledge as shared in the picture.
  • You get your readers' email addresses and the opportunity to engage with them further with information that is specifically of interest to them.

This approach is the core of inbound marketing methodologies espoused by companies like Hubspot. Share information and knowledge your customers will value. They'll come back to you as an expert and refer their friends.

Consider this example. Imagine you're building a genealogy consulting business and you've found that your reputation as an expert on local history has been key to finding new clients. If you're writing a blog that focuses on discoveries about a local historical figure, a Ponga picture that compliments the article might share details observable from old photographs or add the historical background that makes the image more locally relevant.

Last updated:
September 5, 2022
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