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Can I include a Storycorps recording in a Ponga picture?

Absolutely, you can include any kind of linked media in a Ponga picture. Media that doesn't directly embed will be linked with previews.

Storycorps, a wonderful non-profit that seeks to preserve the stories of humanity, sets a perfect scene for two people to tell each other stories. If your family happens to have one of these stories stored at the Storycorps site, you can include that in your Ponga picture.

All you do is paste the link to the story. To find that link, open your Storycorps story video and navigate to the share icon in the bottom right corner of the video. Click that icon, and a dialog will appear. Select the text in "Link to Story."

Paste this URL in a Ponga picture selection and the preview will appear. Note that Storycorps content does not currently appear as a video the way YouTube or Vimeo video links do.

Note: To bring Storycorps stories, like any external content into Ponga, paste the link into the Comment window then hit "enter," "return" or just add a space. That added space tells Ponga to reach out to the web for external content. This is very much like the way you'd wait a moment for external content to come into Facebook or Linkedin. It can take a few seconds depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

Last updated:
September 4, 2022
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