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Can I Print a Ponga Picture?

No, not directly, but there are any number of ways that Ponga can work with printed materials. Here are a few.

Great question. We realized early on that as a company to do what we set out to do well, we'd have to focus. We've chosen to focus on organizing your pictures, giving you an interactive way to record and share stories. Instead of sitting on a shelf, your stories can go into private circulation among family and friends.

As you'll have guessed, that's meant that there are many things we don't do, like editing photos or creating books and other gift objects. So, no, we don't print Ponga pictures in the way print-focused companies that make cards and books do.

That said, some of our members have

  1. Come to Ponga after having created photo books, then take the digital pages from those books to create interactive Ponga pictures they can use to continue to collect research on family history and genealogy. See this guest post in our Ponga blog written by one of our Ponga members, Victoria MacGregor.
  2. Used Ponga to interact over Zoom with a family group where everyone is sharing details they've noticed or explored in iconic family pictures. Since Ponga lets you zoom in on details — over web conferencing software — the entire moment can be captured and recorded. I have a course I'll be giving at Rootstech 2022 titled "Using Ponga to Zoom Over the Generation Gap"
  3. Some of our members are consulting genealogists and family historians who build their businesses by working with clients to organize their photos for them. These members are using Ponga as a complement to the printed books they're delivering to their clients. Ponga pictures are still by invitation, but they can be a complement to privately published books circulated within a family.

I hope that's helpful. We can see various ways that Ponga can provide a way for printed content to live on in the digital world long after pages are printed.

If you're concerned about the longevity of the content added into Ponga pictures, this article may help put your mind at ease, "Can I get my stuff back." (The answer is yes.)

Do you still have questions? Reach out, we'd be delighted to chat with you.

Last updated:
September 5, 2022
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