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Can I share Ponga pictures on Facebook or Instagram?

In short, no. All Ponga pictures are private, so anyone with the link has to have been specifically invited to the picture.

Ponga is all about privately sharing pictures. With Ponga, you don't have to worry about how pictures and associated personal information might be reshared.

When you share pictures on Facebook directly with friends or in a private group, the people you share with have access to the original image. Facebook's photo editing and face tags can be nice, but you lose control of the original image and the information. Facebook also scans the faces in the image and monitors conversations about the picture.

With Ponga, when you share a picture, you're sharing access to a link.  When you invite someone, you're giving access to the Ponga picture or album at that link. They don't get the original file, and they can't "right-click" in a browser window to download it.

Let's say you already participate with a group of people on Facebook that represents one branch of your family. You can invite people from that group to contribute to an album of your pictures on Ponga. One way to do that is to tell the group a little about the picture, then create a simple form where they request access. You collect the emails, curate them, then make the invitations.

Now every comment made to one of the pictures is shared with everyone you selected to invite to that album. It's a great way to continue the conversation while knowing that the comments will remain private and the image files will be safe.

One note of caution: The privacy of information shared on almost any digital device can be undermined by screenshots or pictures of screens. To share private information with someone you don't trust introduces all kinds of complexity.

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Last updated:
September 5, 2022
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