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Can I share Ponga pictures via SMS, iMessage, WhatsApp, or similar text service?

Sure! Every Ponga album, picture, and selection full of comments has a unique URL or link. However, remember the privacy rules apply.

Since Ponga album, picture, and selection full of comments has a unique URL or link, you can share it with family and friends any way you like, including text. There are, however, currently a couple of issues you should keep in mind.

  1. Ponga pictures are always private, or privately shared. Again, that means that if you're sharing a link with someone who wasn't invited to the picture, they won't be able to open it — even on a desktop computer.
  2. Ponga pictures shared as links don't include the preview and background as the Ponga email invitations do, and that can be confusing to recipients.

Even with these considerations in mind, it might still be useful to share Ponga pictures and albums as links.

Mobile devices: Many families use group texts as a way to connect a group of family members. Using links ensures that everyone who's in the group has the link and can reach out to ask for access via email if they can't get in on the link.

Sharing in context: When sharing a picture or album with someone who doesn't know anything about Ponga, a text can be very confusing. Once someone understands what Ponga is all about and already has a member or contributor account, then links can be a convenient way to share pictures.

Notice that because a picture is private, it will not provide a preview in texting apps (like iMessage) that support it. Ponga pictures will show "sign in" as a preview if shared.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out and ask us using the Ponga chat box.

Last updated:
September 5, 2022
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