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Can I upload a pre-recorded sound file?

Sure! You can add any public audio link on the web. Most audio content from the web, like podcasts, will embed directly.

There are times when recording a story live in front of a computer may not be convenient. Maybe you recorded your mom using a memo app on your phone, or you want to add a story recorded years ago on a cassette tape.

That's a great idea! While we work it, we have some workarounds that can get you started right now.

SoundFile ➡ Sound App ➡ Paste Link

The simple workaround is to get your audio track into a digital format like .wav or .mp3, then upload it to the Internet using an app like SoundCloud, Mixcloud, or Clyp.it. These kinds of tools were built to help podcasters or backyard bands get started and offer free services to upload and share sound files.

Copy the link to the track and paste it directly into any Ponga selection. Wait a second or two for the link to import, then press "post." Poof, your sound will be associated in the context of that selection.

Currently, Clypt offers unlimited sound uploads and offers playback without leaving the picture. For a complete list of accessible audio services see this list. You can use sound editing tools ranging from GarageBand and iMovie to Audacity and WavePad to edit your sound file.

You'll find instructional videos on the web to show you how to convert the most common media types. This video, for example, explains how to export even very long voice memos from your iPhone into .mp3 or .wav files.

Whoa, Video Too?

While you can't currently record video directly into Ponga, you can absolutely bring  externally recorded, edited, shared video into your pictures by pasting links from YouTube, Vimeo, or any number of other video services.

Again, use commonly accessible means to export video types and editing tools to refine your recording. For a complete list of video services supported as pasted links in Ponga, see this list from Embedly, a Ponga partner.

One Requirement: Public Links

The one requirement for adding external media to your pictures is that links be "published" or otherwise accessible on the web. Links may be "unlisted," but as long as they're accessible without a login, they should be playable from a Ponga picture.

Note: To bring external content into Ponga, paste the link into the Comment window then hit "enter," "return" or just add a space. That added space tells Ponga to reach out to the web for external content. This is very much like the way you'd wait a moment for external content to come into Facebook or Linkedin. It can take a few seconds depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

Last updated:
September 4, 2022
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