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Can Ponga detect faces wearing glasses?

Of course! Faces wearing glasses—even sun glasses—can be detected with a high degree of confidence

For many, there are some family members who are rarely seen without glasses. Their glasses might change but their faces stay pretty much the same. Ponga can detect the individual faces of your family and friends across a variety of different glasses patterns. It's generally not fooled by two different people wearing exactly the same pair of glasses.

Ponga will generally apply the best available image of a person from the first batch of photos they appear in. That means, unfortunately, that you can end up with an awkward photo of someone behind sunglasses, for example, for their reference portrait.

That's easy to fix.

Navigate to a good picture of that person, then go to the selection on their face. Open the sidebar and click on their name. This will open the Face Details page where you can change their reference portrait to the one you currently have open by clicking on the "recycle" button.

Last updated:
September 5, 2022
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