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Create an album to tell stories

An album can tell a specific story to a specific audience. We do that with wedding or new baby albums. You can use Ponga do to that too!

When you name people you recognize in the Gallery, Ponga automatically sorts your pictures for you into albums using those names. Each person you name in the Gallery gets their own album in your Library. One picture including six people might appear in six different albums if you named all six people. This characteristic makes albums a terrific way to organize your pictures.

You can also use albums to tell stories. Create a new album and add to it pictures from specific events, memories, or moments. Tap "Create Album," in the Library, give it a name and any description you might like, then go back to the Library view and drag and drop images into your new album.

It could become a narrative, for example, telling a familiar story about a trip to a water park, a baby shower, or a wedding.

It might also simply be built on familiar characteristics like the red hair that's been passed through generations to create "intergenerational doppelgängers." Familiar places can also form a narrative as multiple generations of the same family vacation at the same cabin year after year.

Brief, yet thoughtful titles and descriptions can unleash the creativity in an entire family. Like Instagram captions, tweets, or the classic six-word memoir, they don't have to tell the whole story, but they can tease others to add their own contributions.

Last updated:
September 5, 2022
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