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Do you handle video?

Video hosted at sites like YouTube or Vimeo can be added to Ponga pictures with just a copy and paste of a link.

While you can add video-based content from anywhere on the web to Ponga pictures, you cannot currently create a Ponga picture from a video. Screenshots, snapshots, or any PNG, JPG, or TIFF-based image file works, however.

As described in articles like Can I add a video to a Ponga picture, you can easily add a video to a picture. The video has to be hosted at any major video hosting site like YouTube, and as long as you own the picture or have been invited to contribute to it as a guest, you just paste the link into a comment (enter a space or return to tell Ponga to fetch the external content, then wait a few seconds as you might for a web page to load) and the video will embed.

It's an interesting idea, though. 🤔

Last updated:
December 12, 2022
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