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Have a way to improve Ponga? We'd love to hear it!

Getting started with new software involves many trade-offs. Your feedback will help shape our release of future features.

You bet we do! Sometimes software just doesn’t feel right. You just might have the perfect suggestion to resolve the core problem. If you've got an idea, we’d love to hear from you.

We designed the software by using it. We certainly haven't anticipated every use case. Let us know what you find and we'll get right on it. You might be finding bugs — we certainly want to fix those. You also just might find the expected behaviors counterintuitive. We want to know about that too.

You can always add a comment in the Live Chat at left, or send us an email to support@ponga.com. Please include a description of how you’re using Ponga and include screenshots. You can share pictures or an album with us to give us context, if that's not appropriate, you can also share the URL. Depending on the issue, the picture or album URL can be helpful. Since it's private, we can't actually get into the picture, but we can still use it to debug our back end.

Have an idea our Ponga community might benefit from?  Visit our community page, and tell us. We'd love to hear it. Some of our best ideas have come from members.

Again, thank you!

Last updated:
September 5, 2022
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