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How do I add a comment?

Generally, you just tap on a selection and enter your comment in the comment window that appears... unless you're a view-only guest.

Great question! The member who shared a picture or album with you has two options when they share a picture or album. If they're shared with you as view-only you won't see the comment window on the bottom right corner like this.

If they're shared with you as can edit (or editing collaborators), then you'll see the comment window in the bottom right corner when you tap on any selection.

In the example here from a social media post on @pongapictures, you'll see one is view-only and the other is can-edit.

Notice on can edit they can add not only comments but also drag and drop in images or click the mic to record their voice.

Any comment made will trigger notifications for everyone else a picture is shared with. Because those notifications can create noise for a large number of guests, sometimes pictures and albums are shared as view only as a convenience to guests.

All invitations from the address invitations@ponga.com, with the reference name of the person actually making the invitation. That distinction can make it easy to filter inbound notification messages in email. Note that in many email systems, these messages will be automatically filtered into "Updates" or similar categories. You'll want to adjust your system to bring these into the priority inbox either by adding the invitations@ponga.com address to your address book or manually moving the invitation into your primary mailbox.

Reach out if you have questions in the Live Chat at bottom left.

Last updated:
September 4, 2022
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