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How do I add or update a title and add a description?

Titles and descriptions provide a way for members to capture the known context for an image when they share it with family and friends.

When you upload your picture, Ponga takes the image file title and converts it into the title for a picture making sensible changes. For example, "_" becomes a space, and Title Case is added so that "george_slaying_dragons.jpg" becomes "George Slaying Dragons." It's easy to change in a few clicks.

To change the title or description of a picture or album, you just mouse-over the title or description area, click, and just start typing, like this:

Currently the description can be up to 1000 characters and any included URLs will be auto-linked (you don't even need to include the protocol designator, or the "https://" in the link.)

Reach out if you have any questions.

Last updated:
December 28, 2022
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