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How do I change a name or the reference portrait I match with a person?

Easy-peasy. It can be hard to put a name to a face, but it should be easy to correct it. Never forgetting a face doesn't mean you remember a name 😏.

As much as we think of names as being "written in stone" they change frequently and how they're written can mean a great deal to individuals. Every way a named person appears in Ponga is easily changed. There are two key places where the names you apply in the Gallery are easily changed. First, in the column of identified persons in the Gallery, and second by following the link in any reference portrait in any picture.

From the Reference Portrait

Once you've gone through the Gallery to add names, context can make you realize several details you might want to change. All you do is tap on the selection box around the person's face, then tap on the name (or the face) as it appears in the sidebar. (Tapping on the face as it appears in the preview works too.)

That will take you to their Face Details page. This page gives you a number of changes you can make to the details associated with this person's face.

  • Edit Details allows you to correct misspellings or add nicknames when you used the "Add Name" function in the Gallery. Uncle Bob, for example, might feel like a title, but it's also a referential family name that might confuse others.
  • Change Person allows you to correct the match for this instance of a face with a different person. Press Change person. That will unmatch the person in this picture to the person they were matched with in the Gallery.
  • Note: If you decide that you don't like the Reference Portrait for this person, click the roundabout or recycle button. That replaces the portrait with the current face detected in this picture.
  • If at this point you don't match them with someone else, this selected face is returned to the gallery. This is much like "skipping" them in the Gallery.
  • If you now go to Choose New Person, you're presented with a list of all other Persons you've named to choose from. Notice that you can start typing the name and options will be presented, much like in the Gallery when you added names.

A Note About Album Names

The Gallery or the Face Details pages are guided by our algorithms that detect and collect faces. We think of these as the Gallery "gnomes." They control the levers that apply names consistently across all of your pictures. An album is created for the person you name and all pictures including that person are added to that album. If you edit a person's name in the Face Details page or the Gallery, all entries including the album name will be updated.

If you choose to edit an album name there's no problem at all. That change will only affect the album name. That can be a nice way to re-arrange albums by family, for example. However, keep in mind that if after editing an album name you later edit the person's name in the Gallery, that album name will be updated to reflect the edited name.  

From the Gallery

As you name people in the Gallery, you might make small spelling mistakes or something. There's a simple fix to that.

  1. Find the person you've previously identified in the column of Identified Persons on the left, tap on their portrait, and the name field becomes editable.
  2. Make your change, then
  3. Press enter or return.

Your change is made in all pictures in which that person appears. We recommend this approach only for small name changes. If you give a person the wrong name entirely, then use the method described above "From the Reference Portrait" to make those kinds of changes.

This video from Ponga's RootsTech tips might be helpful as well:

Around here, the gnomes rule. 🤷 Feel free to reach out if you have any questions at all.

Last updated:
September 4, 2022
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