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How do I delete a comment or selection?

Deleting comments is pretty obvious, deleting a selection, is a little trickier.

As you might expect, you can delete any comment or selection you add to your own or someone else's Ponga picture. If you own the picture (meaning that you uploaded it) you can also delete any comment or selection made by anyone else.

If someone makes a comment on your picture and you revoke their access to the picture, their comments remain. Though they can no longer delete their comments, as the owner, you can delete them.

A single selection may include any number of comments. You can individual comments selectively or delete the entire selection which will automatically delete all of the included comments.

While you will see a confirmation that you're about to delete a selection or comment, there is no undo or undelete. So, be very intentional about this function.

Deleting comments

To delete a comment, mouse over the comment, notice the “delete” button appear, and tap on the button.

You can only delete your own comments unless you own the picture in which case you can delete any comment anyone else makes. The “delete” button will not appear if you do not have the privileges to delete the comment.

Deleting selections

To delete a selection area in an image, click on the selection, wait for the sidebar to open, then press the “x” in the top of that sidebar.

One thing you can't delete
Remember how your mom used to remind you that you "can't unsay something." She was right about that. Ponga sends notifications out about comments to all collaborators moments almost immediately after they're made.

So, if you make a comment on a picture shared with the entire extended family, then realize that you shouldn't have said that... well, you CAN delete the comment and pretend it never happened. If someone saw it first, well... you can't unsay it.

Don't worry though, no one will notice. 🙄 Probably.

If you have any questions, let us know. We'll do our best. You'll be helping us improve these articles for everyone. Just reach out to support@ponga.com or via the chat window.

Last updated:
September 4, 2022
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