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How do you know a story was attached to a picture?

In Ponga, all forms of stories connect to pictures as comments. Mouse-over a picture to see how many comments are attached.

You can add stories to a picture simply by selecting an area or object in the picture and typing, recording, or pasting a link to embed media. To see stories others have added to pictures, just mouse-over the pictures in your album or All Pictures view.

The number of comments will be visible for each picture along with the name of the picture.

Each time comments and stories are added to pictures, the All Pictures view is updated with the pictures most recently commented on refreshed to the upper left-hand corner of the view. In this example, the picture "Charles & his three daughters" was most recently updated so it appears on the top left corner. This probably indicates that a name was just added such as might happen when names are automatically added by Ponga when the face looks very much like someone who was previously named.

In this example, a picture Ponga's own Audie can share with you, you'll see there are 25 comments added to a shared picture. This is a terrific example of the kinds of media that can be added to a picture and is the example highlighted in our Ponga tip about the 12-kinds of media that can be added to Ponga pictures.

Last updated:
September 5, 2022
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