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How to Add Stories to Pictures

Comments, images, recordings, and links add context to your pictures. Adding them is as easy as select, type, and post.

Comments, recordings, images, and links add context to your pictures. Simply click on the selection tool to the left in a picture, then click and drag diagonally to select the area on your picture you wish to highlight.

Notice that if you tightly zoom in on the picture, you’re better able to explicitly point to a specific spot on the picture. Very tiny selection areas may not be visible when you zoom all the way out. Ponga retains the accuracy of the selection area even as you zoom in and out.

When you've tapped on a selection and the sidebar opens, a small box opens at the bottom (if you're the owner of the picture or if it's been shared with you as a contributing guest). This comment box works like a tiny magical text app. You can type or paste in text into it, but when you paste in an external link, it can bring that content if the remote side supports it.

That means that you can easily combine your written comments with

  • Adding links (or URLs) of public-accessible web sites—including audio sites like SoundCloud, video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, or TikTok, presentations from slideshare, and more!
  • Add documents with links to sites supporting .pdf documents or secure private sites like Permanent.org

Ponga will attempt to resolve any link to automatically display

  • Preview of web pages
  • Embedded versions of images, video, slide shows, and other media

It also allows you to attach recordings and images.

  • To add images either click the image icon, or drag and drop images from your computer (PNG and JPG only, please)
  • To add a sound from your computer mic, just click the microphone icon.

Note that currently, you can include text with attached images, but not with recordings.

A couple of tips:

  • When you paste in content from documents like MSWord, PDF documents, or web content, keep in mind that this comments function only supports text, so no formatting or images will come in with the text. Also, after the paste, you'll want to hit "Return" or "Enter" before the Post button becomes active.
  • IF you don’t precede a link with “http://” Ponga will treat the content as a link and just auto-link the text. This might be useful if you don’t want to clutter a message with the visuals associated with a link. (If you’ve used Facebook, you’ll find that this behavior is exactly the same.) Type “http://ponga.com,” and Ponga embed or preview as much information as is accessible for the link. If you type “ponga.com,” it will not. In the example below, a YouTube link is included in the comment so the full video is accessible in the comment.

Advanced tip: If two links are included, Ponga will always preview or embed the content in the first link included in a comment. Notice that there are two links, only the second link is prepended with "https://" Using that approach, the contributor specified that the second link should preview in the comment.

Finally, a note of patience: Ponga’s behavior in pulling in external content is a little like adding external posts to social media. To bring external content into Ponga, paste the link into the Comment window then hit "enter," "return" or just add a space. That added space tells Ponga to reach out to the web for external content. It can take a few seconds depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

If you have any questions, let us know. You'll be helping us improve these articles for everyone. Just reach out to us in the chatbox at left.

Last updated:
September 4, 2022
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