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How to manage your account

Use your account settings profile to customize your account. It also includes settings for a few nifty tools.

There are two areas where you manage your account. The first is Account Settings which allows you to customize how your name and profile appear in Ponga pictures. You'll find it also includes some useful tools. The second is a panel where you can manage your billing details.

Account Settings

To get started in Account Settings, select the item from the drop-down menu that appears when you click the profile icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

To add a profile image, you can drag a picture into the section labeled Your Avatar. Any JPG or PNG file will do. Alternatively, press "Upload a new Avatar" to select one from your drive. (Note: This image will appear in your profile section as well as on each comment you make. When you change it here, it changes everywhere.)

Notice how your name is listed as your Display Name. You might include your real name, a nickname, or anything you'd like. It appears at the top of the picture as a by-line, and in email messages when you invite others to view or contribute to your picture as guests.

In this example, it's "Audie at Ponga." Feel free to use full names like "George Marshall" or family names like "Auntie Baba." The important thing is that the email address is valid and that the name makes sense to those you share your pictures with. Be sure to Save Changes before returning to your library or the gallery.

Your Ponga Account Email Address

Ponga uses the email address you signed up with for your login and to send you notifications of invitations and comments on pictures. If you'd like to dial down notifications, you can change the settings globally at the bottom of the Account Settings panel.

When you share Ponga pictures, the invitations will be sent by Ponga, but the email message will indicate to your friends and family that the invitation is from you based on the email address you shared with us when you signed up. It will be from <yourname@yourdomain.com> via our transaction email provider. This approach ensures that the email is delivered like any other email from you and that replies go directly to you.


Scroll down to the Notifications section.

Screenshot about how to change notification preferences.

You also have the option of muting notifications for any given picture at the footer of each notification email, "Turn off notifications."

Remember: Ponga keeps your personal information private, we do not present advertising and we do not share your information. We ask for your name, your email address, and a password so that we can control access to your account. That information also allows people to recognize you when you share pictures and albums with them.

Manage Billing

This panel allows you to manage the credit card information we use for your account. We partner with the industry-leading Stripe service to transact and display this information ensuring a secure web connection.

If you're not sure you want to continue, you can completely delete your account, OR just deactivate your paid membership. To learn more see What happens if I delete or deactivate my account? See also How do accounts work?

Reach out using the Live Chat ⏎ at left if you have any questions.

Last updated:
September 19, 2022
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