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Is this a cloud-storage system?

Yes, Ponga uses cloud-based storage. That's just a foundation. On top of it, we've built a new way to use pictures to share family stories.

Modern software services from Instagram to Dropbox use cloud-based storage because it ensures redundant back-up while allowing for advanced network-based processing like machine learning and AI. Ponga leverages these technologies to create a new way to use pictures to share family stories.

Technology for a Purpose: Stories

Cloud storage and advanced network-based processing have made it possible to apply machine learning and AI technologies to images at scale. We use that technology to detect and match faces in your photos so that you can get past the challenge of organizing your pictures and focus on the stories.

As a cloud-based application, Ponga is also not constrained by the storage limitations and processing capacity of your local device. Our machine learning and AI functions can only operate in the cloud where processing can expand as needed. We also use the cloud to process images down to tiles so that even very large scanned images can be transmitted quickly across constrained networks. We've built Ponga so that these technologies can disappear and families can focus on their stories.

Connecting Context

Stories are what bring families together. They create an opportunity to connect current circumstances with a narrative arc of a family history. Our approach makes it easy to not only tell a story with your own voice, but also connect it with the facts that provide context. Today, we can assume that network connections are continuously available so our embedded links can add to an uninterrupted story with reference points and touchstones.

Like stories shared on Facebook or group chats, links are a part of our online communications. By starting with cloud-based resources Ponga connects any network resource to virtually any pixel range in an image with auto-linking and embedding.

The Cloud Makes it Possible for Pictures to Tell Family Stories

There are plenty of cloud-based storage solutions on the market today. Our goal is not to replace them. Instead, we take the technology as a starting point and focus our development on the unique challenge of using pictures to tell family stories.

Last updated:
September 5, 2022
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