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Ponga & Chrome

Ponga uses complex browser features, to take full advantage of them, use Chrome or Edge with Ponga

Ponga and the major browser logos
Ponga and the major browser logos.

There are lots of reasons people select different computer browsers. While they're updated frequently, we currently recommend using Ponga with the latest versions of the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers.

While other browsers work fine for most features, there are a few functions where you can get tripped up.

Uploading pictures:

If you use Mozilla Firefox when you upload pictures, you may run into issues that cause or more of your image files may be dropped. You'll get a list of the dropped files in a confirming email following the upload. You can then upload the files again.

This problem is isolated to Firefox and due to some file libraries not included in their build. For this reason, we recommend using Chrome or Edge while uploading files. Other functions work fine on Firefox.  

Voice record/playback:

Ponga does not currently support the Apple Safari browser for recording using your computer microphone and the record button in a Ponga picture comment. This is due to the way Safari constrains external components running in the browser. Comments recorded using a different browser cannot be played from the Safari browser either. The work around is to add your voice recordings using the Chrome or Edge browsers.

Preview behaviors:

In Safari, when you mouse-over a selection, you get a "stutter" where it won't scroll if the preview area is taller than it is wide. You will not see this behavior in other browsers.

If you see other issues, please let us know in the Live Chat.  Browsers are updated frequently and new issues may have cropped up. If we've seen it before we may be able to help you out of trouble.

Last updated:
October 14, 2022
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