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Recordings and formats, I'm so confused!

No worries, we've all been there and we're actually glad you reached out. Let's get you going.

Your question actually suggests a pretty sophisticated appreciation of how digital sound is stored in a variety of file formats. It's a little like the way image files come in many different formats.

When you record your voice (or other sounds) with Ponga, the sound is stored in a very efficient format called OGG. It's a little like MP3 in that it compresses the sound for efficient transmission across networks. OGG is a free, open-source, and unpatented stream container format. You can read up on it at Micropyramid's blog about streaming formats here.

You may be wondering whether you can export a Ponga recording and reuse it, or edit it into another format. Of course. Once you download the sound file, you can convert it to other formats like MP3 or WAV, at sites like this one, so that you can integrate it into other media like video or slideshows.

Just reach out to us, we'll ask for some validation, then retrieve the recording for you. in time we hope to have a tool available for you to do this directly.

Wondering how to upload a pre-recorded sound? We've got ya covered in another article here: Can I upload a pre-recorded sound file?

Last updated:
September 5, 2022
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