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Can I give two people the same name in the Gallery?

An uncle and a grandfather with the same name is hard enough. You don't want to compound the problem with album names.

It's not unusual in large families to name new babies in honor of elders who have passed. Sometimes parents give their children their full names as "junior" to honor a parent, or an ordinal number referencing multiple generations (like "Louie XIV")

To make the most of the auto-complete convenience of the Ponga Gallery to put names to faces, you don't want to use the same exact name for two different people. You need to be specific enough to name each individual.

If you have two brothers named Darryl, for example, to tell their pictures apart, name one "Darryl" and the other "Other brother Darryl." This is likely a problem you've solved before.

Screenshot from a Ponga Album

In the Ponga Library, you'll have albums automatically created for you for each person you named in the Gallery. You can also create your own albums. While it might be tempting to create two albums of the same name, you probably don't want to do that. It's just too easy to get confused. You will generally want to name albums with names that make sense to the people you'll be sharing them with. As the owner, only you can change the name of an album.

If one or more people share albums with you using the same name "Aunt Betty" for example, they'll all appear in your Library. You'll always be able to distinguish between them since you can tell who the owner is by looking at the byline that shows the album owner's Display Name. ("by John Brown," for example.)

Last updated:
September 5, 2022
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