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What about ownership and copyright?

We take copyright seriously and have built the service to encourage conversations centered on pictures without compromising ownership.

As spelled out in the Ponga Terms of Service, you own your pictures. Ponga creates a way to organize them and wrap them in meaningful context that's easy to share.

With added context, Ponga pictures are like trays passed around a family gathering. They're in circulation, and everyone can contribute. They help bring families together with a new way to tell stories, engage in conversations, and capture history.

When you use external sites, articles, and media to provide context for your conversations, you're leveraging a critically important fair use of the copyrights of others. We believe that fair use is critical to a culture that celebrates creativity, so we've built a system that allows you to exercise it responsibly, thoughtfully, and legally.

We've aspired to adhere to these principles in preparing our own marketing materials and examples. The photos we use on our website, social media streams, and marketing materials, have been

  • from our personal collections and with family permission
  • provided by others with permission,

and in a few cases scanned from

  • lost, unclaimed, or discarded prints acquired from friends, thrift shops, and antique dealers

If you believe you recognize any images we've used as your own or have any concerns, please do reach out to us. We'll be happy to discuss it and as appropriate return original prints to their rightful owners.

Last updated:
September 5, 2022
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