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What are the rules for sharing pictures and albums?

As a member, you can invite as many guests as you like to any picture or album. All you need is your guests' email addresses.

As a member, you can invite as many guests as you like to view or contribute to any picture or album. When inviting guests, you can allow your guests to contribute to your pictures or just view them. When a guest contributes to your pictures, their contributed comments, recordings, and media can be viewed by all guests.  

Neither viewers nor contributors can delete comments you or others have made. As the owner of the picture, you can delete any contributions made by anyone else. You can change the access options for any individual guest at any time.

To invite viewers or contributors, tap on the Share button in the upper right corner of your picture or album. A share panel opens and you can add contributors using their email addresses. You can also include a short message in the email when you invite them to view the picture. Your guests will receive a beautifully formatted email with a preview of the picture you shared with them and your note.

If your guests already have a Ponga account, then the picture you shared will immediately appear in their Library as a picture "Shared with Me." If you shared an album, the album will appear in the album list and all pictures in the album will appear in the "Shared with Me" and "All Pictures" views of the Library.

If your guests don't already have an account, then the email address you use in the invitation will prepopulate the registration page when they create their account. Once they've selected their password, they'll be taken directly to the picture or album you've shared. First-time guests will also get a tour through the Ponga features.

Should you later decide a guest shouldn't have access to a picture or album, you can simply remove them from the guest list. Guests can delete their own comments, they cannot delete the comments of others. Picture and album owners can always delete the comments of any guests.

For more detail, see How to Share Pictures & Albums

Last updated:
September 5, 2022
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