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What happens if I delete or deactivate my account?

If you're not sure you want to continue, you can completely delete your account, OR just deactivate your paid membership.

It's always a good idea to make sure you understand a company's policies, before you sign up for any service. At Ponga, believe that's especially true when the service is collecting personal information, data, and photographs. We do our best to be clear about our policies in the Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy.

Learn more in the article How do accounts work?

If you've created a Ponga account, as a paid member or a guest, and now you aren't sure you want to continue, we offer a couple of options.

1. You can completely delete your account

If you choose to delete your account, we'll delete all of your pictures, the associated content, and your login credentials. This option is available both to paid members and their free guests.

You will find the option to delete your account at the bottom of the Account Settings page. Log into your account. Navigate to the Account settings panel on the dropdown menu at the right (or go ponga.com/settings/edit,) and select "Delete your account." Be very careful with this option. Once you delete your account, there's no undelete. Please be certain.

2. OR, just deactivate your paid membership

For our paid members, we appreciate that sometimes circumstances change and you might need to pause subscription services you pay for regularly. To ensure that your collection of precious photographs and the stories and research related to them remain safe, we developed a policy for "inactive" accounts.

Should you choose to cancel a subscription at the end of a billing cycle, or stop paying us for any reason (such as a lost credit card), your account will become inactive. You'll find a setting for updating your subscription in the "Manage Billing" menu item under your profile image in the upper left of the interface.

Navigate from the Manage Billing panel to the cancel or update button. Canceling in this panel will deactivate your account at the end of your billing cycle. Our paid members can also use this button to upgrade from a monthly paid account to save on annual billing. Should you choose to cancel a subscription at the end of a billing cycle, or stop paying us for any reason (such as a lost credit card), your account will become inactive.

In that same area, you also have the option to update a credit card. This can be useful when a card is expiring or you have a lost credit card. Just navigate to the Payment Method section and tap on "+Add payment method."

Once you've deactivated your paid membership, you can still use your login credentials to explore pictures of other members as their guest. Ponga does not charge for storage of your photos or the associated content.


When you're ready to resubscribe as a paid member, we'll be delighted to welcome you back. You'll find the option to subscribe by pressing Upload Pictures and following the prompts for an Annual or Monthly subscription.

Once re-activated as a member, you can continue adding pictures and sharing them. If you have pictures and albums previously shared with others, you'll want to review the sharing settings.

Do you still have questions? Reach out to support@ponga.com or just hit us up via the Live Chat window.

Last updated:
March 9, 2023
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