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What happens if I upload more images than my plan includes?

We've got ya covered. Our plans include an image upload budget of 1000/month or 12,000/year. We charge just a penny per file above that.

​It's pretty simple. Our plans are based on a budgeted number of images. Our overage fee is roughly the same as our monthly rate and there is no storage fee.

On the annual plan, you can upload up to 12,000 image files per year — even up to 12,000 in the first month. On the monthly plan, you can upload up to 1,000 image files in a month. If you exceed the budget on either plan, we'll simply charge you a penny an image above that. Think of it as a $10-spot for every 1,000 images in a month after that. If you hit your budget near the end of a in the month, you can hold off adding more until the following month, or go ahead and spend the coin for the convenience of uploading now.

There's no limit to how many pictures you can upload. The 1¢/file fee applies just once when you upload the file and is charged incrementally so you only pay for what you use. Note that we count images, not megabytes. We currently support PNG, JPG, and TIF images images of up to 50 MB each. There is no storage fee — even if you deactivate your paid subscription and so that you can return to it later.

Between smartphone cameras and scanned images, most of us have 10s of thousands of images and use one of several cloud-based services like Apple Photo, Google Photos, or Flickr to store images in the cloud. That's great! Ponga is less of an alternative to these tools and more of a complement to them.

Typically, you'll use Ponga to capture those pictures of people, places, and things that have stories to tell. Using Ponga and your written and linked additions, you can use these pictures to put your stories back into circulation with friends and family.

Reach out if you have questions. We're right behind the Live Chat button at the bottom left (or we will be shortly.)

Last updated:
March 21, 2023
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