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What happens when I "ignore" a face in the Gallery?

Ignoring means just that, the face won't appear in your Gallery and you won't be asked again to name the person.

When you ignore a person's face in the Gallery, it simply means that Ponga won't bother you with them again later. The person's reference portrait will not be there next time you come back. Ignoring a face in the Gallery does not affect the visibility of your pictures, it only affects whether a selection is made around a person's face in the picture.

Consider an example of a group photo of a family dining out at a restaurant. Ponga will present every detectable face. Many of the detectable faces, however, are of people who happen to be at other tables. Unless they're celebrities, you probably don't care to build albums for them. That's a great example where you can just ignore them.

But what if I ignored them by mistake?

Yep, this can be tricky. At the moment, if you've ignored someone we do our best to do just that and never bring it up again. We've received feedback that reminds us that mistakes happen and that we need a way to "dis-ignore." Fair enough. In fact, missing that is a mistake on our part. Adding a way to bring people back into the Gallery is on our list of future features.

To get around this problem in the near term, we suggest you try uploading another picture of that same person. While we try to recognize the faces of people you've previously named and associate them with the new pictures you add — that includes faces you've ignored.

However, we keep that recognition step to a higher standard of confidence so if you add another picture of that person at another age or something, that will usually pull them into the gallery so you can add a name and move on. For more about how the Gallery works, see Using the Ponga Gallery.

Reach out if you have questions using the Live Chat at left.

Last updated:
September 5, 2022
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